Why Choose Natural Products?

Consumers are becoming increasing aware of the chemicals that may be present in our bath, body, and skincare products. As manufacturers of these products are now required to list their complete ingredients list on their packaging, consumers are also increasingly examining those ingredients lists. Many products claiming to be “organic” or “natural” have come under fire recently for not being able to back up those claims. 

At Get Creamed Body, we proudly list the ingredients of every product we sell on the label and on our website. We stand behind our luxury product line, as it is truly made from only the highest quality botanical and natural ingredients. It is a bonus to many customers to see a safe and natural luxury product being offered by their hotel and spa.

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Private Label Products

Our Premium Natural Private Label Product Line Includes:

Premium Botanical Body Lotion
Premium Botanical Body Wash  

Premium Botanical Salon Shampoo &Premium Botanical Salon Conditioner

Natural and Organically-based Face Serum, Facial Toner, Facial Clays

... and more! 

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