About the Company

Get Creamed Body Inc. is an award-nominated developer and manufacturer of natural luxury bath and body products.  All products are made with only the freshest, healthiest ingredients available such as skin-nourishing fruit and vegetable-source oils, natural anti-oxidants, and superstar skin and hair care vitamins such as vitamins B and E. Unlike most manufacturers, our products are free from: PEG, Phenoxyethanol, ethylene/propylene glycol (synonyms for anti-freeze), all sulphates, parabens, phthalates, dies and perfumes.

Our full product line is manufactured with premium natural ingredients fresh on a regular basis to provide our customers with the highest quality available.  We call it simply health-conscious beauty. 

In the beginning our mission was to create an innovative company with decadent products and attractive packaging to provide customers with the best value in luxury. We have found that consumers will choose our products based on their superior form and function, with the benefit of being botanically-based and natural as an added health bonus. 
We are an all-Canadian, Vancouver-based company.